Art History - Video

It's a video I've made for my art history class. I had to study a painting of Rapahel of my choice and then make it mine by producing something creative inspired from it. The painting I chose is ------ --------. It's a rather small and unknown one which is why I picked it. I thought it would be insightful to study one of Raphael's early and not so known work. This painting is the first version of Saint Michael painted by Raphael. A second version was painted 10 years later for the pope ---- at the end of Raphael's life.

You can clearly see the evolution of the artist when observing these two paintings and the different takes he chose to represent the same thing 10 years apart. The change in Saint Micheal representation made me think about the famous video game character Mario growing when he absorbs a mushroom.

That is when the idea of making this video came to me. Besides, what is a better crossover than one of the most famous painters and one of the most famous video game ?